The BQM-167A is a high-performance, remotely-controlled subscale aerial target used to provide a threat-representative target drone to support the Air-to-Air Weapon System Evaluation Program and other Air Force and Department of Defense air-to-air test and evaluation programs. Video shows the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron’s BQM-167A subscale aerial targets being prepped and launched at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

The drone is land-launched using a rocket assisted takeoff and launched from a rail system. The drone can be recovered by a parachute recovery system either from land or water. Recovered targets are repaired, tested and reused. The BQM-167A can carry a full range of current Air Force subscale target payloads which include a scoring system, infrared and radar enhancements, electronic attack pods and a chaff/flare dispenser set.

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