Join us as the Marine Corps showcases the newest in AAV technology, the Assault Amphibious Vehicle Survivability Upgrade Program. The new AAV SUP is an upgrade to the Corp’s current AAV and will provide added security, speed and lethality to the Marines.

Survivability enhancements include replacing the angled Enhanced Applique Armor Kit with 49 buoyant, flat-sided ceramic panels, a thick aluminum armor underbelly providing MRAP-equivalent blast protection, a bonded spall liner, armor-protected external fuel tanks, and blast mitigating seats.

To handle the extra weight and increase land speed, it has a new engine that boosts power from 525 hp to 675 hp, as well as a new power take-off unit and transmission. Shocks have been replaced by a new suspension system.

The upgrade costs $1.65 million per vehicle.
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